My package was marked delivered, but I have not received it. Is my package lost?

During situations such as these, there are a few reasons why your package was marked as delivered, but not present at your delivery location:

  1. USPS scanned the package beforehand which reflects "Delivered" on your tracking information.
  2. The package was delivered to the wrong location.
  3. USPS  was unable to deliver the package properly. 

At this time, please attempt the following steps to retrieve your package:

  • Contact USPS regarding your package.
  • Check with your neighbors to verify if the package was mistakenly delivered. 
  • Wait 72-hours for your package to arrive in the case that the courier was unable to properly deliver the package at the initial time of delivery. 

If you are still unable to retrieve your package after following the previous steps, please contact us regarding this matter and we will assist you appropriately:


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