I have previously ordered from you, why do I have to upload my photo ID again?

All orders placed on our website are required to be screened through an Age Verification process to comply with FDA Regulations. The Age Verification System we currently use is Veratad, which utilizes a large public database to verify most customers. 

If Veratad is unable to verify your age, you will be asked to provide further verification in which we will need to manually verify in order to pass the order. 

If you were requested to provide an ID on a recent order when you've previously placed an order with us where you were not asked to provide an ID, this may be due to alternate information that you provided on the recent order which prompts our Age Verification system to request an ID in order to complete the purchase. 

Please note that the Age Verification process is a One-Time Procedure only if you've created an account with us. Age Verification information is not stored if an order is placed as a Guest. Therefore, you will be required to verify your age again for future purchases. 

In order for us to manually verify your account, please be sure to create an account with us and send us the email address that is associated with the account. Once your account has been successfully created, you can then send us a copy of your valid, government-issued ID to our age verification email address so that we may manually verify your age:


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