Why is my shipment delayed or stuck on processing?

Tracking Information

To check the progress of your order, please refer to the links below:

  • Check Order Status [May not update until package has been received at a destination hub near you]

Processing Stage

Orders will be shipped within 72 hours of placement, with most orders shipping within 24 hours out of our facility. Tracking emails will automatically be sent out once it is shipped unless you are located in certain parts of the South, Midwest or Eastern half of the US (see below).

As USPS, FedEx, and UPS no longer accept the shipment of electric cigarettes and other vape related products, all orders will be shipping out using local regional carriers.

Shipping Stage / Tracking Notification

Orders destined to the Western half of the continental U.S. will take an estimated 1 to 3 business days to deliver (excluding processing times).

However, packages en route to the Midwest or Eastern half of the U.S. will require longer transit times (7-20 business days) due to a 2-Step Shipping Process:

  1. First, packages are transported via commercial trucks across the country to a regional carrier near you, which can take up to 7 days. In some cases, tracking information and status updates will only be available once the package is scanned at the carrier's destination hub. 
  2. Once received and processed at the hub, the package will then make its way to the final destination to the customer via independent regional carriers. Adult Signature will be required at delivery.

All shipping transit times are estimates and are not guaranteed. Commercial trucks and regional carrier typically do not operate on the weekends or holidays and may experience logistical challenges during the holiday season due to limited employee availability. 

Additional Note

Please keep in mind that these delivery networks are new and are improving regularly. Due to the USPS announcement in regard to the restriction of Vape Mail, these networks may suffer delays due to a high influx of packages from many other retailers.

If you are experiencing delays in tracking updates or delivery times, we ask that you allow at least 20 days for the carriers processing centers to sort and scan packages so that they may finalize delivery.

If you have any other questions or require immediate help, please feel free to submit a ticket with us on our Contact Page.

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