My tracking information hasn't been updated in some time, is my order lost?

It’s normal to be concerned about your package. We understand that modern day shipping practices have consumers expecting quick transit times and reliable tracking updates. However, new regulations have made shipping vapor related packages necessarily more complex. At Element Vape, we pride ourselves in expediting the order fulfillment process, but once packages are in transit, they will ultimately be outside of our control.


What You Need to Know

Transit Times Are Estimates:

Packages towards the Western Half of the U.S. are estimated to take 1 - 5 business days in transit, while packages towards the Eastern half can take 6 - 20 business days. It’s important to note that these are estimates, and delays can occur. We may not be able to immediately consider your package as lost once your package falls outside of the estimated timeframe. See our transit timetables on our page below:

Fulfillment and Transit Times


Customers with Route Protection:

For customers that have purchased the optional Route Package Protection, we recommend filing a claim if you are experiencing extended delays. More information in regard to Route’s coverage policy and how to file a claim can be found on our page here. If you experience issues with filing a claim, let us know and our team will be happy to assist in filing a claim on your behalf.


Our Network of Regional Carriers:

In order to continue offering services nationally, some orders containing vapor products must be shipped using a network of regional carriers. This two-step shipping service will generally follow the process as shown below:

  1. The order is processed and fulfilled at our facility in Los Angeles, CA.
  2. The package is handed off to a freight service and placed in transit towards a sorting facility (tracking or shipment updates may not be provided until the package has arrived at the facility)
  3. After sorting, packages are once again placed in transit towards the Final Mile Carrier near your location. A tracking notice may not be updated until the package has been received and scanned at their facility.
  4. Once the package is at the Final Mile Carrier’s location, we’re at the last stage of delivery! It may take a few days for the carrier to schedule with available drivers and place your stop in their delivery route.

Tracking Information:

In many cases, direct tracking information from the carrier will not be available. The Element Vape Team will only be able to view the same information available to the customer. As our alternative shipping network consists of many smaller regional carriers, this creates a unique problem where updates can be non-uniform or generally confusing. To help provide some clarity, we’ve provided some information on what your tracking update likely means on our article here:


We also provide a convenient portal to retrieve tracking updates on our page below:

Check Order Status

Note: If Direct Tracking is unavailable, the following status will appear

For Customers in the Midwest or Eastern Half of the US:

Customers shipping to the Midwest or Eastern half of the US can expect to see longer transit times. If you don’t see any updates for a few days or even a week, it’s likely your package is still in transit towards the next stage in the delivery process. Although updates may be few and far between, this does not necessarily indicate that your package has been stalled or lost.


For Customers on the Western Half of the US:

If you are purchasing towards a location more local to our facility, you can expect quicker transit times. Your package will likely have also been shipped with a regional carrier. However, as we have easier access to the regional carriers local to our facility, customers should see transit times similar to the larger national carriers such as USPS, UPS, or FedEx


What You Should Be Aware Of

Despite the growing pains of establishing a completely new shipping network, we’ve seen great overall success in deliveries for a majority of our packages. However, just like the major national carriers, delays and lost packages do sometimes occur. Our team may not immediately be able to consider your package as lost and may ask that you allow some more time to verify if your package is simply still in transit towards your location (depending on your location and available tracking updates).


The Element Vape Guarantee

We want our customers to have a consistent and reliable experience here at Element Vape. Customers that do not receive their package within 30 Days of shipment will be eligible for a replacement package or refund.* You can read more about this policy here.

*Excluding but not limited to packages that are marked as delivered, returned to sender, shipped to an inaccurate address, or international shipments.

Customers that have purchased Route Package Protection do not have to allow for the stated 30-Day timeframe and a claim can be filed at their convenience once the issue falls within Route’s policy timeframe.

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns in regard to your package. 

Reminder, we may not immediately be able to consider your package as lost and may request that you allow some more time for the package to make its way through the shipping network.

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