Why is my atomizer leaking, popping, spitting?

There are a few reasons why leaking can occur. Luckily, there are a few tips to prevent the issue from happening:

  • Check the seals/silicone o-rings. They may be warped/bent in a way that prevents the tank from creating a proper seal. 
  • Try to keep your device positioned vertically if you’re not using it for extended periods of time. Leaving your device laying on its side will cause the e-liquid to seep through the airflow holes. 
  • Check if the coil is loose or stripped. You may attempt to replace the coil with a brand new coil and reattempt to use the atomizer if this is the root of the issue. 
  • Avoid over-priming your coil. If too much e-liquid is used, this will cause the e-liquid to pop/spitback. 
  • Use a different e-liquid to see if this helps with the leakage.
  • Fire the device at a lower power setting until the spit-back issue has reduced. 

You can prevent popping / spitback by warming up your atomizer if you're using a brand-new device or haven't used for an extended time (such as overnight in some cases). To warm up a device, make sure there are adequate e-liquids in the chamber and test-fire the device at a low-wattage setting. Once the coil is warm up and you hear less of the popping noise, you can start vaping with no issue!

For sanitary and safety reasons, leaky atomizers are not covered under our 30-Day Limited Warranty. Please feel free to refer to our Returns & Exchanges Policy for more information: 


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