What does my Tracking Status mean?


Due to new regulations preventing shipping with major national carriers, most shipments will be made using our network of Local Regional Carriers. However, this poses an issue as each individual carrier may provide different non-standard tracking updates.

Depending on your location and shipping availability, a different carrier may be used for each order. To help provide some clarification, we’ve provided a list of tracking updates that are commonly found to be confusing and what they may mean for your package:

Data Received/Shipment Created

Our Shipping Department has created a shipping label and the Carrier has received the label data. At this time the order is considered to be processed/shipped, and tracking information may not update until the package has been received and processed at the carrier’s processing center (May take up to 7 business days).

Scan Applied/Order Has been prepared for shipping @ Westcoast Gateway

The package has been scanned at the Carrier’s processing facility. The next step is for the package to be shipped to a Final Mile Carrier local to your location.

Package has been received at Final Mile Carrier

Your package has made it to the last stage of transit. The Final Mile Carrier will now work on finalizing delivery. At this stage no further updates may be provided until a delivery attempt has been made.

Delivery Exception

The Final Mile Carrier had encountered an issue upon attempting delivery. Either there was no individual available to sign for the package, or the driver was unable to access the delivery location. All packages will come with at least two delivery attempts, so please keep an eye out for your second delivery attempt. If the package is still unable to be delivered, it will automatically be returned to our facility. More information in regard to our process for returned packages can be found here.

Returned to Sender

Delivery was unsuccessful and your package is being returned to Element Vape. Estimated delivery dates will not be provided for returning packages. More information in regard to our process for returned packages can be found here.


If you need further details or have any questions in regards to the status of your order, please feel free to submit a ticket with our support team through our Contact Form. Please keep in mind that our team may only be able to view the same tracking information available to you.

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